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Welcome to the LovelyCheffa website
I’ll take you for a virtual stroll in the huge cooking world and through these pages you will find recipes and any kind of info about food.
Reading my words and my stories, you will get a piece of my memories that will help you understand more about me and my life.
Welcome to my world, the world of Rita Monastero, the LovelyCheffa.

My idea of cooking
People cook for a number of reasons: surviving, passion, duty.
A cook is not necessarily a chef: the first one cooks for just cooking and that’s it, while the second is pushed by passion, willing to create something amazing.
But amazing doesn’t mean strange; a first class recipe doesn’t imply the extreme combination of ingredients with the aim of suprising in any case.
A four-star recipe is the one based on the selection of top ingredients, accurate techniques and a clean mise-en-place.
Because our eyes are the sense most used when we have a meal and eating starts with the eyes.
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